The History of Stanbridge Studio

The original studio was a 200-year-old agricultural barn, which was converted into a spacious, acoustically treated room with central heating and double glazed windows. The studio, known simply as “The Big Studio”, measured approximately 1000 sq. ft. allowing bands such as Status Quo & Duran Duran to set-up as if on an arena stage for both rehearsals and recording.

Stanbridge Studio was in high-demand, so a second agricultural building on the farm was converted specifically for recording purposes. This was known as “The Blue Studio” and was a much smaller space than “The Big Studio”.

In 2004 the music industry was struggling under strain of illegal downloads, so the decision was made to convert the studios into houses. Recent events however have seen companies such as Spotify and iTunes taking back control of illegal downloads by offering a good service to both artist and listener. Stanbridge Studio was back! This time a purpose built Studio was built from the ground up. Taking the best parts of the old studios, Stanbridge Studio now compromises a 1000 sq. ft. live room, a control room, vocal booth (large enough for a drum kit), a large kitchen/ dining room, a WC with large shower and a small kitchenette for tea, coffee and snacks. Should you need a break, there is also a Pool table and Table-Football available to you free of charge in the Live room.

Full Catering facilities and over-night accommodations are available on request and with on-site accommodation expected in Summer 2017, Stanbridge Studio covers all of your needs.